Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Dressing up. People just don't do it anymore. We have to change that."

I'm an accomplice to helping women get what they want. "

John Galliano, a designer of great beauty, unique decadent style, and some delightful words as well. He is quite the character himself- transfered into his designs, that you can see in his creations and hear in his words. Someone who stands out with such bold statements as him is worth recognizing if not for curiosity alone.

I think his designs are not only gorgeous but incredibly inspiring. I admire his talents and boldness. Also, you can tell he is having fun which makes it even more inspirational. There is something to be learned here.

"Women are women, and hurray for that."

"My dresses are very reasonably priced, for dresses that are cut on the body. "

"Yeah, that's what I'm working for. The couture house of the future. "

"But I'm going to be a real good boy and take it day by day and try to concentrate on what's most important to me, and that's offering women a service. "


gabrielle teare said...

I love John Galliano I have a beautiful jacket with white fox fur collar that sweeps from shoulder to waist on a fine hounds tooth bias cut check. When I wear it i stop the traffic and feel like a movie star.! XXXXXXX

bombshell beauty said...

Oh but that sounds heavenly! I *love* the shoulder to waist sweep, especially with fur, and fox fur is perfect for such a look. Gorgeous, love ;)